Archived Projects

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Web Sites and Design

  • Second Website Build:

    After becoming introduced to bootstrap, I recreated my portfolio site from scratch to include responsive design concepts. Other important things learned while remaking my website include use of javascript loading screens and many additional external libraries.

  • Side Project for a Friend:

    Website created for a friend, which also utilized only vanilla js and css. Important concepts learned include use of parallax and continued practice with jQuery and other website design fundamentals.

  • First Website Build:

    My first attempt at applying early web design skills to the design of my own web site. This is when I learned to create page transitions with jQuery and was able to design an entire functioning site with only vanilla javascript and css.

Web Applications

  • Plugin for Highcharts.js:

    One of my major projects during my intership at Covestro required the use of JavaScript charting software. Having learned a lot about the software, I developed an independent plug-in. It is currently hosted on the highcharts website.

Other Endeavors

  • Physics Application:

    This was the first Java application that I wrote outside of my coursework. It uses the Java Swing library to create a GUI. By creating this application, I was introduced to a variety of object oriented programming concepts.

  • Nocks Big Adventure:

    This is another Java application which uses a variety of object oriented concepts to create a 2D sidescrolling video game. This was my first exposure to the need for an abundant amount of files as well as good memory managment.