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Branden Keck's Online Portfolio

This website is designed to showcase my talents as a developer. I have significant experience with website design including responsive design as well as experience creating web applications. Detailed information about my web design experience can be found below.

In addition, I'd like to highlight my programming experience in general. I have worked extensively with object-oriented languages such as Java and Python as well as some object-based languages such as visual basic. Please feel free to take a look at some of my work!

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This is a Node.js application using Twitter REST APIs to simulate the events of the movie Who Follows using real life Twitter profiles.

This is a chatroom created with Google's Firebase API. It converts user input into Morse Code before it is sent.

This website was developed for a local brick mailbox contruction company. Built using jQuery only and self-developed graphics.

This is an external plugin for highcharts.js which allows users to add hover effects and click effects to highscharts data points.

This web application uses YQL Yahoo Finance API to import stock market data as well as the C3.js framework to graph this data

This is a side-scrolling video game written in Java using the 2DGraphics library.

This is a Java application that computes basic physics variables. It uses the Java Swing library as well as CardHolder to build a multiscreen GUI.

This website was a previous version of my portfolio. It uses vanilla css as well as jQuery to produce animated screen transitions.

Relevant development experience:

Web Design Experience

  • Responsive design experience including extensive experience with Bootstrap
  • Experience with APIs including many created by Google and Twitter
  • Use of JSON and jQuery to store large amounts of data locally
  • Development of external javascript plug-ins for existing technologies
  • Experience with a variety of libraries including c3.js, highcharts.js, Scroll Reveal, Font-Awesome, LightBox, and SlidesJS
  • Use of real-time databases in application design

Application Design Experience

  • Prioritization of Cross-Platform support when considering web-based applications
  • Experience with memory allocation and optimization of memory usage
  • Use of a variety of Java libraries including Swing and 2D Graphics libraries
  • Experience with game loops and creation of iterative programs

Internship Experience

  • Experience with PI ProcessBook and Aspen software packages
  • Creation of Visual Basic Applications to track process varibles for chemical plants
  • Familiarity with AJAX and SQL to collect and analyze process data
  • Use of sorting, filtering, and grouping algorithums to improve data analysis tools

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Use of inheritance and other object-oriented programing ideas to create structured desktop applications
  • Algorithum experience including use of recursion, sorting methods, and engineering/statistical modeling
  • Experience with package managers such as npm and pip
  • Version control experience and familiarity with git
  • Experience with server queries in a variety of programming environments
  • Design and creation of intuitive user interfaces

Relevant Languages

  • Web Design technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap, html, and css
  • Object Oriented languages such as Java, Python, C++ and C#
  • Miscellaneous technologies like Visual Basic for Appliactions, SQL, MATLAB, and familiarity with external libraries and REST APIs

Possible Future Work

  • Increased familiarity with back-end technology including django, node.js, and php
  • Continued work with Python while doing computational chemistry research at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Systems experience, including use of C programming languages