Nock's Big Adventure Demo Released
The first (broken) build of Nock's Big Adventure is now available on the Java Projects page. Size limitation issues and screen resolution problems have not yet been resolved, but a playable version may be downloaded.
First Build of Physics Swing Application
The first downloadable version of a project I created is available on the Java Projects page. It is a small swing experiment that I'm still updating when I'm not working on other projects. The code for the project can be viewed in the downloaded folder (no encryption was used). If you intend to use the application please read the README.txt
JavaScript Demos Created for the JavaScript Animations Page
Four JavaScript demos, created for practice with animation, can be found on the JavaScript Animations page. They are very basic, but exhibit some interesting benefits of using jQuery as well as some ways to dynamically implement scripts that can be viewed and hidden at user discretion.
Java and Python Projects
I've been working on a lot of things lately, mostly completion of old Java projects. I've also been learning python and have been working with many of the extensive libraries available with both of these languages

Welcome to My Portfolio!

This website is designed to display and organize projects I am developing. I'm am currently working on learning a variety of languages and using small projects to sharpen my skills. Specifics on my projects can be found in the lefthand column while more general details are listed below!

Completed Code and Design Projects:

Four JavaScript Examples were completed for the JavaScript Animations page with the intention of practicing animation with jQuery functions. Two of the examples involve positioning elements and changing element properties. The other two were designed to practice full screen animation as well as some user input.

A very basic physics application has been developed (using Java) and is available for download. This application relies heavily on the Java Swing library and is able to switch between screens based on user input. I will be adding more modules to this project for additional project with Swing GUIs.

This website was created by hand, using no external applications to generate the design. All of the images found on this site were created as part of a ongoing interest in animation and graphic design. They were all created for free using very basic software.

Projects in Development:

I'm still working on the build for this website, so that the text and images resize appropriately and so that the site is "mobile-friendly"

Current Java projects include the addition of more modules to my Java Swing application and work on a small executable game called Nock's Big Adventure. Resolution issues and file compression have hindered progress on this project.

Current Python projects include experimentation with the wxPython GUI package.

Ideas Moving Forward:

I'd like to improve my web-design skills, including practicing with JS frameworks such as angular and bootstrap. Additionally, I'd like to learn some additional tools that utilize java and python in web-design such as django.

In the not-so-near future, I'd like to continue practicing C++ to design applications.